Automatic Pre-packing Machine

Automatic Pre-packing Machine

Product Description

Product Name:
Automatic Pre-packing Machine

Detail Specifications

1. Stainless-steel frame and GMP-standard worktable-top.
2. Electronic data display; auto counting, cording.
3. Packs medicines using zip-lock bags.
4. Designed for packing different sizes of zip-lock bag.
5. Letter imprinting device imprints product names, quantities, and packing dates.
6. Stable rotating system and photocell system are easy to operate and maintain.
7. Automated simultaneous counting, letter imprinting, and packing is labor-saving.
8. Machine dimensions : 1000mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 1,560mm(H)
9. Power supply : 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
10. Machine weight : 90kgs
11.Air supply : 5kg/cm² ,350 liter/hr