Electronic Counting Machine

Electronic Counting Machine

Product Description

Product Name:Electronic Counting Machine

Model:(JB-2B) (JB-2)

Detail Specifications

A very reliable and precise counting machine for all shapes and sizes of tablet & capsule.

1. Simple to set up and operate, compact and easy to clean.
2. Very smooth feeding and gentle scrolling of products.
3. Stabilzed light beam and photocell system are not affected by voltage fluctuating or ambient light.
4. Direct read-out digital counter (counting from 1 to 9,999)
5. Standard dust-extraction outlet.
Model Size ( cm ) L x W x H
Voltage Net Wt. Output
JB-2B 95 x 75 x 82 110/220V
85kg 2000 - 4000

JB-2 76 x 66 x 70 110/220V
50kg 1000 - 2000