Capsule Polisher Machine

Capsule Polisher Machine

Product Description

Product Name:
Capsule Polisher Machine

Detail Specifications

Capsule polishers is used to clean the dust on the surface of the capsules and to polish the surface. It is applicable for #00-#05 capsules.


1. Variable speed adjustment.
2. Adjustable inclination to obtain proper treatment time.
3. Gentle, non-scratch brushing.
4. Stainless steel construction, meets GMP standards.
5. Easy to operate and minimal maintenance.


1. Working capacity up to 400,000 capsules/hour.
2. Power source : 110V/220V, 50-60Hz 1Phz
3. Power consumption : 3Amp
4. Dimension:

1. 1,320mm(L) x 435mm(W) x 1,240mm(H)
2. N.W.: 50kgs